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I love to take pictures and after I purchased my first digital camera I took even more pictures. I currently have albums, slide carrousels and CDs full of of pictures that need to be organized and presented in some type of fashion. That is why I started digital scrapbooking. So far I have only done a few pages, but my plans are to do alot more. My camera is also great help in organizing the cards that I have made. I have taken pictures of all the cards and want to make albums that I can leave with prospective customers. I have also put these pictures on the internet so family across Canada can see them.

Friday, December 31, 2010


Holly is the newest member of our family. This 2 yr old rescued pup came to us a few days before Christmas. Although, she is estimated to be 2 years old she only weighs about 5 pounds. Holly gains more trust in us and learns about her new home each day. She has stopped quivering for the most part and now wags her tail when we approache her. Her favorite spot is the couch in the living room (which she can jump up on) or dad's lap on the couch in the family rooms as they both watch TV. Holly has had a very hard life up until now, living mostly outdoors (although she is house broken) and with an almost starvation diet (her hair is very thin in spots) it is a wonder that she has survived. Hopfully, with lots of love and caring, she will now blossom into all that she can and should be. Welcome Holly.

Happy New Year

I'm not sure where a whole year has gone, but it has gone somewhere. Last summer I took one of the most awesome vacations, that I have in a long time. Hubby and I drove out to PEI in the summer and spent two weeks and a few extra travelling across that the wonderful province and then onto NovA Scotia to meet up with other family members.
Most of the year I could not post pictures as my computer was old and would not cooperate. But now I have a new computer and a new camera so watch out world. I will be posting lots of pictures and lots of cards as I do them.
Santa was truelly wonderful this year and he gave me the technology to do what I love to do. I just need some more time in the day.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love Graphic 45 Paper

I'm feeling antsy today, don't seem to be able to settle on any project, so I thought I would play with my blog and start including some card pictures and details. So here is the first one from my gard gallery.
This card was put together using Graphic45 paper. The card uses both sides of this wonderful two-sided paper, with a piece of lace in the middle and a piece of metal hardware.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

We're ready for the Vancouver Olympics. Have my red mitts, a red Believe t-shirt and a red Olympic hoodie. Even have our cars are decked out. Let the games begin! I love this Olympic theme song by Nikki Yanofsky:
I Believe

Olympic Torch Run - December 2009

How neat it was and freezing cold too! The Olympic torch run for the Vancouver 2010 games came through Burlington today. A must see for us, so we bundled up and went downtown to this amazing Olympic flame. Unfortuneatly, it was getting dark as the flame passed by us and my camera doesn't take great pictures in the dark, more than a few feet away, but I did manage to get a few and lighten them up on the computer.