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I love to take pictures and after I purchased my first digital camera I took even more pictures. I currently have albums, slide carrousels and CDs full of of pictures that need to be organized and presented in some type of fashion. That is why I started digital scrapbooking. So far I have only done a few pages, but my plans are to do alot more. My camera is also great help in organizing the cards that I have made. I have taken pictures of all the cards and want to make albums that I can leave with prospective customers. I have also put these pictures on the internet so family across Canada can see them.


Photography is another huge interest of mine. I thought I would use this heading/page to post some of my more interesting photos. I love to take pictures of all kinds including flowers, buildings, rustic scenes, nature and even people at times. (Just ask my kids.) Digital cameras and pictures were invented just for me. I take tons of pictures, even some of the same picture at different angles, different settings etc... Well you get the picture. I even love to play with my photos in the editing process. Other than boring my family members, I have decided to post some of them on my blog. Looking forward to hearing any comments as the postings begin.

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